Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Gemini Celebrities and their relationships Angelina and Brad...

These two certainly have some strong similarities-which is ideally basic if people are ever to come together in a relationship in the first place. Brad is a people person and he enjoys his freedom. Angelina being a Gemini is certainly outgoing and adventurous. Their easy-going nature and light-heartedness attracts them to each other and their flexibility keeps them going. The two zodiacs don’t hold on to the relationships too tightly and may even part ways severally before finally feeling rejuvenated enough to re-unite.

Sags usually set goals which they basically focus towards. They are optimistic and at the same time believe that experience is the best teacher, so they form their opinions based on what they have been through. Their Gemini partners, on the other hand always make decisions while on the move. They gather information from all over and are ready to try out-anything. Angelina, for instance, will marry one person today, write on their shirt using her own blood, then dump him, marry another…and so on. This would also explain why Angie will wake up and want to adopt one more kid, something that doesn’t exactly excite Brad. He would rather wait before such actions and do it systematically in the end. Sags usually interpret this as manic and lack of principle.

Like other Gemini, Angie is not only very intellectual but she is also sophisticated, well read and philanthropic. She would rather sit and have an intelligent conversation, say about politics and humanitarianism. Brad, on the other hand is okay simply watching soccer while doing a few beers.

These two are therefore opposites. Well, they are supposed to attract, and they surely do. This couple tends to be friends at first, but thanks to their differences, maintaining this union is an uphill task. Angie and Brad were certainly friends at first. There was always something new to do, and the friendship fire was constantly burning. This faded after a while. What such a couple needs to know is that their differences can actually work for them. Sags can make use of the numerous ideas collected by the Gemini, pick the best and try keep their joint effort towards achievement of the same. Gemini can then work on the static side of their partner and remind them that there is always another side to every coin.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Wondering how you’ll end that Gemini relationship?... some useful tips..

If you feel you can’t go on and you have to part ways, drama is the last thing you need. By the time one comes to such a conclusion, it’s because they are not happy already. You need to find a way in which you can break-up amicably. Gemini will usually get over the whole thing quite fast. You don’t want to be left nursing your wounds alone, especially after a nasty break-up. Here are some useful tips that will guide you on how to end the relationship.

1.We all know what Gemini want. They love adventure and are out-going. If you want to put him off, get lazy and become routine. If all you want is to stay home, never want to go out and you never want to try out anything new, your partner will be bored to death. Before you know it, he will be long gone.

2.Become anti-social.Geminis are always interested in meeting new people. They want to broaden their network and create new friendship. If you can’t be part of this, he/she will no longer see reason for you to stay longer.

3.Hit the nail on the head. Simply tell your partner that you cannot do it anymore and you need some time out. Tell them that you really feel you want a quiet life.

4.Find a way of telling your partner that there is nothing wrong with them. Tell them that they are out-going, interesting to be with and good to look at, but you are simply not meant to be a couple.

5.Don’t let all hell break loose. Don’t loose the friendship. Breaking up doesn’t have to be rough. Never burn bridges. Gemini’s have a great network of friends. They easily move on and they keep their friendships. Who knows they might hook you up with your next mate.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Is there romance for Scorpio and Gemini ?

Scorpios have a magnetic personality. They however remain mysterious half the time. They like remaining secretive about a lot of issues and this makes them a difficult group to understand. They admire people who seem knowledgeable and intelligent and this will greatly attract them to a Gemini. Gemini are charming, flirty and witty and they don’t take long to impress a Scorpio. The two may therefore be an instant hit.

Both partners love engaging in intelligent conversations but Gemini will go overboard. They are intellectual lovers. This means that the physical is not as important to them as the mental. This will be the main source of discord in this relationship. Before long the Scorpio will always have unanswered questions about the Gemini. Anytime they bring them up, the Gemini’s persuasive nature will always reign and will help them get away with a lot.

It will dawn on the Scorpio partner that the Gemini lover is not willing to be fully committed to the union. He or she will also discover that their partner may not be as knowledgeable as they had thought. They simply have bits of information about everything. Scorpios will usually take up a task to the end and when they take up an interest in something, they put all effort to find out everything about it. It will therefore not be so hard for them to realize that their partner didn’t know as much as they had portrayed.

This is likely to be a major romance destroyer as the Scorpios will feel as if their partner is taking the them too lightly. It is unfortunate as it is just in Gemini’s blood –the myriad of interests and lack of devotion.
Basically, as much as romance is concerned, the passion is not mutual and the Scorpio will tend to feel let down. The passion is likely to keep going on and off unless the Scorpio is willing to go the extra mile. To keep the fire burning, he or she will have to find ways of maintaining adventure in the relationship. This will not only keep Gemini guessing, it will also keep their eyes on them.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Gemini and Virgo

Who matches Gemini, a Virgo man or a Virgo woman?

Gemini and Virgo generally enjoy a good rapport. They are both intellects and hence they enjoy a good conversation. The only major drawback is that Virgo is responsible in matters of importance while their partner is quite impulsive.

Gemini Woman and Virgo Man.
These two will have a good time as they can both share their ideas, thoughts and feelings about life in general. When it comes to their personal lives however, their interests may greatly clash. The Virgo man’s sincerity and responsibility may not auger well with the woman’s extreme out-going nature and her poor planning. He may feel that these traits are too much to deal with and he is unlikely to consider her for a wife.

Gemini Man and Virgo Woman
The woman will be a sight to behold at first sight. This will make the Virgo woman treasure the relationship and so at the beginning, it will be pure bliss. However, this won’t be for long since a Gemini is always looking for something new and hence will start looking around for a new catch. This won’t work with the Virgo woman who is naturally jealous. She will always be telling him what he needs to do in order to change and he will feel as though she is simply nagging him. This duo is likely to have a smooth beginning but the sparkle fades away a bit too fast.

Unfortunately, both zodiacs share a common negative trait whereby they are not able to express their inner feelings with ease. All factors considered however, Gemini Woman and Virgo Man are likely to work better. As much as they may have differences, the woman is usually somewhat changeable. The Virgo who is usually the more responsible of the two can try and guide the woman’s roving eye to focus on the relationship.

Gemini and Leo- Make it work!

Leo is an idealist and a sensitive one too. He or she is usually very passionate not only when it comes to love, but also when it comes to work. Gemini on the other hand never takes anything too seriously and likes to live for the moment.

In a relationship, Gemini will love to dream and come up with great ideas.Their intelligence coupled with their out-going nature aids in helping them come up with superb plans. The only problem, however occurs when Leo realizes that their Gemini partner cannot keep to the schedule. He or she will find themselves wondering what happened to the spirit of togetherness that they had shared when they laid their plans down.

This couple needs to understand that one party’s weakness is the other’s strength. Both cannot really have good progress without each others help. Gemini is needed for ideas while Leo is important in order to ensure that the same are implemented. The latter therefore needs to know that they shoulder the responsibility keeping their partner on track. The former should learn to take their partner seriously as they get irritated when they discuss something and their partner totally forgets about it.

On the love lane, this duo doesn’t work very well. Leo is demanding and puts a lot of effort in the union but Gemini always feels tied down. Being Dogmatic, Leo wants to have their way in everything and this makes Gemini who wants freedom to repel them. This is especially unfortunate if the man is Gemini since men generally have a greater ego. He will tend to feel that his presence is not recognized and in extreme cases, he may go out looking for other women.

These two have one thing in common. They both love and know how to have fun. This can cover up for those moments when they disagree. This is therefore a workable relationship if the couple is willing to build on their strengths and work on their weaknesses.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Can Gemini and Cancer understand each other?

Gemini love to be adventurous .In this spirit, they also like to meet new people and make new friends all the time. Their Cancer partners on the other hand are more reserved and like to treasure the friendships that already exist.

This leads to the major collision between these two. Gemini is always ready to go out while the Cancer partner always wants to stay indoors. The latter will usually allow their partner to go places or engage in different activities without them. Cancerous people like being joyful and so will try to keep fights to a minimum. This however does not mean that they enjoy being left out. They may smile as they wave their partner goodbye but deep down, they will resent them for leaving them bored in the house and going to find ‘better’ things to do. Gemini does not understand them as they are constantly changing their moods.

The two diverse characters of the partners may make it very difficult for them to build a home. A Gemini will not feel the need to work on the relationship leave alone build the home. He or she is very spontaneous and does not see anyone as very special. A Cancerian on the other hand holds dearly the security of both the relationship and the home.

The two may never understand each other as their natures and desires are quite diverse. Gemini will always feel that Cancerians are impossible to please as their moods are always on a roll. One minute they are okay with a decision, the next minute, they fume about the same idea that they gave a go-ahead for.
For these two to build a successful home, they have to be ready to make compromises. They have to be ready to accept each other as different individuals and allow each other to follow their unique interests.

5 sure ways to get over a Gemini break up.

One great strength of Gemini that also doubles up as a great weakness is their adventurous nature.
Many people have found themselves in such relationships and upon discovering that the roving eye of the Gemini has led to them cheating, it has caused major break-ups.This is especially when they link with Cancer and Libra who are not only straightforward but also touchy and emotional.
If you have been a victim of such a break-up, well, it is not the end of the world.
The following are sure ways to heal your heart and hurt while preparing you for better relationships in the future.

1. Acceptance.
The first step to any type of healing is acceptance. After a break-up, it’s okay to cry for sometime but one cannot sulk forever. Tell and remind yourself that it is over and you are going to be just fine. It’s okay to spend time going through the presents or any reminder of your relationship before eventually putting them away. However, don’t be tempted to make desperate calls to your ex, as these will only be met by a cold answer-if any-which will only leave you feeling more miserable.

2. Love yourself
Just because he left you for another more fun-loving woman doesn’t mean you sink into depression. You still have to comb your hair, dress up, go out and have fun. You don’t want to look miserable-your ex might even wonder what they were thinking dating you. If anything it’s time to treat yourself. Buy yourself that outfit or phone that you have been saving up for. Visit that place that you have always longed for, but never got the chance to go to. Basically, learn that you don’t have to rely on others to appreciate you. You can do it yourself.

3. Find optimistic friends
This is the time to look for that person in your life that opts to see the glass as half-full rather than half-empty. Find this person and share with them what happened and what you feel about it. It is important to be positive as this helps quicken the healing process.
Optimism is what keeps people going since relationships and infact, life in general is a risk.

4. Engage in activities
After a break-up, one suddenly finds themselves with a lot of time in their hands since they no longer spend time with their partner. One should not stay idle as this will only help them remember how sad their situation is and hence they are likely to stay sad longer. If you find yourself in such a spot, take advantage of this time. Do that course that you have always postponed, go shopping for that book that you always wanted to read or call up that old friend who you always missed but never had time for and you can catch up. You can also enroll in a sport or game or even join a new club depending on your interests. This will leave you with little time to cry over the spilt milk.

5. Leave room to love again
Like I said earlier on, a break-up is not the end of the world. It may just be that you hadn’t read the glaring signs and made excuses for the cheating Gemini. They say there is someone for everyone. Keep looking, have good relations with people and don’t block everyone out as you may kill your chance of ever experiencing real love. All the same, be careful, remember once beaten, twice shy.

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